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Water Filtration

”The process of removing, or reducing the concentration of particulate matter, including suspended particles, bacteria, algae, viruses, as well as other undesirable chemical and biological contaminants from contaminated water to produce clean water.’

Water Purification

”The process by which undesired chemical compounds, organic and inorganic materials, and biological contaminants are removed from the water.”

Bathroom Installations

Installation of bathroom items such as;

bathtubs, showers,

toilets, basins, geysers, and

any other bathroom related installations


The general maintenance and/or installation of;

pipes, fittings,

geysers, leaks, and

any other plumbing-related services.

Water Treatment Solutions

Definition –

”Water treatment is any process

that improves the quality of water

to make it appropriate

for a specific end-use”


Plumbing services includes

maintenance and/or

installation of pipes, tanks, fittings,

and other apparatus required

for overall water supply.

Water is life,

and clean water,

means health

– Audrey Hepburn

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